Comment 8 for bug 1238981

Chris J Arges (arges) wrote :

The following case can cause a potential issue:

ip netns add 1
ip netns exec 1 bash

< upgrade package >

ip netns add 2
ip netns exec 2 bash

ip netns exec 1 bash

Here we get "seting the network namespace failed: Invalid argument"

However, if you add the namespace from not within an already exec'ed namespace then the above works fine. Therefore I believe this shouldn't be an issue with the package as it is.

In addition, if users upgrade their iproute package without existing namespaces they won't be affected. Or if they have existing namespaces and reboot they won't be affected.

Also the above is an unsupported case after discussion with upstream:

Marking this verified as it does fix the original bug.