Comment 16 for bug 552289

I will adapt the code for the previous, un-C++fied code. It will take about an
hour till I download the 0.48.x branch code (slow internet connection at
home). I will keep you informed.


În data de Mie 29 Dec 2010 21:08:39 ați scris:
> @~suv - Unfortunately, patching the 0.48.x branch doesn't work and
> 'make' returns the following error:
> sp-conn-end-pair.cpp: In member function ‘void
> SPConnEndPair::getEndpoints(Geom::Point*) const’:
> sp-conn-end-pair.cpp:219: error: ‘struct SPItem’ has no member named
> ‘i2doc_affine’
> Probably due to other changes in the trunk not backported to the branch
> (at least the recent c++ification).
> @Arcadie, could you please see if it's not to hard or risky to make it
> work in the branch?