Comment 42 for bug 1417470

Max Gaukler (mgmax) wrote :

To make sure that it isn't just something special about my system, I also tested it on the offical inkscape-ci-docker image (based on Ubuntu, and therefore not much different), and everything is fine there as well:

Please give more information on the OS you are using. If you know how to do it, a docker file or something similarly automated would be perfect to reproduce the issue without manually installing your environment.

My best guess is that whatever OS/distro you are using has other versions of glibc and jemalloc, which either contain a bug or reveal a bug in inkscape. Can you also trigger the bug if you revert my changes on top of the current master (git revert e4dea66a338824037b6c35b262aa8db4004b6581)? If yes, it's not my patch, but definitely something else at fault. Anyway, this issue is so weird that you should ask for help on the inkscape-devel mailinglist.