Comment 20 for bug 778520

piwacet (davrosmeglos) wrote :

OK figured it out.

If I understand this right, this bug remains fixed in Oneiric.

I tested this in a KVM machine, which shows early-boot console output that virtualbox does not. When I remove a drive in KVM, I'm given a choice to boot the degraded raid, or drop to a shell. After a timeout, it automatically drops to the shell; if I choose 'y' before the timeout, it boots the degraded raid.

The problem with virtualbox is that it does not show this early console output. But the process proceeds correctly: if in virtualbox I remove a drive, boot, and wait a bit, and then blindly press 'y' and enter at the still-blank screen, it boots to the degraded raid. If I press enter only (selecting the default to drop to a shell), then 'reboot', then enter, it reboots. None if this is visible on the screen, that's the only problem. If I do boot to the degraded raid, the console output becomes visible as it nears the end of the boot process.

So the problem I was experiencing has nothing to do with this bug. It seems to be simply virtualbox not displaying console output until very late in a successful boot process. Don't know why it does this.

So apologies for the noise, but hopefully this can be helpful if someone else runs into this problem in a virtualbox VM.