Comment 11 for bug 778520

Excerpts from xor's message of Fri Jun 10 15:09:58 UTC 2011:
> I've done a fresh installation of Ubuntu server natty three days ago, on a degraded raid, and it always boots.
> So if the package was deployed already then it fixes the issue, yes.
> (The original system with Ubuntu desktop does not exist anymore, had to
> downgrade to 10.10 due to other issues.)

Hi xor, thanks for trying it out again.

No the new mdadm package hasn't been moved to natty-updates yet. Since
this is a race condition, its entirely possible that something else was
slightly different enough in your new install to avoid the issue. While
it sometimes manifests with an install on degraded RAID1, the test case
is to install on a full RAID1 and then remove one drive. That seems to
cause the problem much more reliably. Especially on a KVM virtual machine.