Comment 0 for bug 74009

What's going on now with my edgy upgrade from dapper (I did use update-manager) is that when I boot into the recovery mode kernel, it hangs. The last few lines:

Begin: Initializing /dev...
/init: 76: Syntax error: 0xID=4bd43095-7d5e-4829-95dd-25bb7860664
[4294680.075000] Kernel panic - not syncing : Attempted to kill init!

I had noticed that when I rebooted, neither my boot nor home partitions were mounted. I guess the kernel was loaded into memory because grub was able to find and load it before the operating system booted.

Before I got into this problem, and after I upgraded, /etc/fstab has been converted to some format based on udev, and I'm wondering if this is related to my problem above? The hex numbers in the error message look similar to the ones I saw in /etc/fstab. When I would boot before, if I logged in, I'd get some warning mesage about logging in with $HOME=/. I'd log in and be able to successfully mount boot and home with /dev/hda files. After logging in, I ran "dpkg --configure -a" to try to complete the install. And, later on rebooting, I'm now getting the kernel panic above.