Comment 13 for bug 37527

Akkana Peck (akkzilla) wrote :

I was the user in question, and I'll be happy to help test a fix. I agree that the problem seems to be the /target/lib files not being installed when there's already a /boot with kernels in it.

If it matters, it's possible there were already some files related to the new kernel there, because this was a second attempt at installing, after the first attempt died due to a lack of adequate space on /boot. That may be why I saw the problem this time when I didn't see it during my dapper or edgy installs on this machine.

The workaround suggested by BitJam worked for me as well: I restarted the installation using only /, not telling it about the existing /boot, then declined to install grub (why does it claim that's a fatal error?), then booted into another system to move the new kernel files into the real /boot partition and edited menu.lst to point to them.