Comment 93 for bug 1768230

Jay (jayram1989) wrote :

Then I tried to download ubuntu-18.04.2 LTS Desktop image, and did a fresh installation. Over there I couldn't find the lvmetad problem during startup.

Then I checked the kernel it installed with HWE - and initramfs-tools - 0.130ubuntu3.6 version.

Then tried to download generic kernel and removed the HWE kernel and then rebooted and see the issue persists.

Then tried to install initramfs-tools - 0.130ubuntu3.7 version with generic kernel then the issue resolved.

But in my #92 , i tried with ubuntu-18.04.1 LTS desktop image and installed only initramfs-tools - 0.130ubuntu3.7 over there the delay issue still persist.

So my question, even in my case fresh installation of 18.04.2 works fine even after installed initramfs-tools 3.7 vers. But in fresh installation of 18.04.1 failed after installed initramfs-tools 3.7 vers.