Comment 28 for bug 1615474

Last weekend the telephone froze (after turning off hotspot). And I had to hard-reset it using the power button.

Then the strange behaviour began:

On startup, only one sim card (without pin) was working.

Also I was unable to unlock the pin protected card (there was no dialog asking for the password).
Even wehen trying "Unlock" from the configuration didn't do any action.

The icons to start applications didn't work, but it was possible to scroll through them, only starting an application was not possible.
But from the slider on the left side it was possible to start an application.

Rebooting didn't solve the issue.

A workaround for the pin-locked SIM card was to disable the PIN and then enable it again. That unlocked the SIM card, so that I am able to use it now.

Using df via ssh didn't show a full disk, maybe the file system was corrupted during hard reboot.

This seems to be the case as not only the network indicator was broken but also the application which asks for the SIM PIN and the launcher.

Probably we should have a look on how configuration files are written by applications and how corrupted configuration data is handled. Broken configurations should not leave the applications in an unusable state, I would prefer that instead a user notification is sent and the configuration is reset to the last known working state or to useful defaults.