Comment 17 for bug 452067

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) wrote :

So, there are two relevant holes in the Me menu specification.

The first is that it isn't specific about which chat client it's referring to. When we said the IM statuses "section is present only if you have set up any instant messaging accounts", we meant "only if any instant messaging accounts are currently set up in Empathy". If you don't have any accounts set up in Empathy, the IM status items should not be present at all. If someone wants to extend the menu to support Pidgin, then great, but they'd need to include a way of choosing your default IM program (in a similar way to how you choose your Web browser). <>

The other is that the specification started out including toggle items for each IM account, but then these were dropped and the rest of the specification wasn't fully updated to match. I've now fixed this. The relevant sentence for this bug: "Each [IM status] item should be sensitive only if at least one of the accounts you have set up in Empathy supports that status, regardless of whether Empathy is currently running." <>