Comment 7 for bug 1550210

Hi Tim,

Yes, debian/rules is quite messy. Actually, I think only one binary is built and the second is a link to the first.

I can see that the version of imagemagick in Debian experimental is supposed to contain a fix for the desktop situation, but I couldn't take anything from that version due to all the other changes in debian/rules. I therefore figured the best thing was to comment the second desktop file out, because eventually the fix will come from Debian and we can just drop the delta. But I could delete the line instead if you prefer. There is no point having a 2nd desktop file installed that has no icon, and only executes the same binary as the other desktop file. This just confuses the users.

I will submit a bug about the duplicate binary packages and building with a different Quantum depth. There are already lots of other related bugs, but not that one specifically.