Comment 11 for bug 1550210

OK. I had some time today to work out the branch structure being used for imagemagick on alioth in Debian. It appears that the version of imagemagick in Debian Experimental fixes the duplicated desktop issue by making imagemagick-6.q16 a virtual package for the default quantum depth & imagemagick with the appropriate Replaces/Breaks & Provides etc. Therefore, both packages are not installed at the same time. This is all a bit much to bring over to Ubuntu at this stage.

So, I have suggested a fix in ubuntustudio-menu to remove the duplication for Ubuntu Studio.

That just leaves the issue that clicking on the remaining menu item does nothing. So I have reduced my patch down to just fixing this issue by setting Terminal=true in the desktop file.

I hope someone can help by uploading this before the Xenial release, because having a menu item that does not work is very frustrating for users. And there is a really simple fix.