Comment 10 for bug 1550210

On 03/12/2016 09:07 AM, Tim wrote:
> Can you cherrypick the desktop fix from the debian packaging git branch?

Which one? :-) They do not use the standard git branch layout
master/pristine-tar/upstream. There are so many branches that I couldn't
work out where the branches were for the current releases. And the
debian/rules changes in the experimental version are significant, mostly
unrelated to this particular fix, and made it hard to cherry-pick
without bringing across unwanted changes.

In any case, the desktop issue is not properly fixed in Debian
experimental from what I can see. We would still need to patch the
desktop file to set "Terminal=true" anyway.

I think we have a simple fix for the issue here, and once we open up for
the next cycle, we can confirm that the mess is sorted out in Debian,
and start syncing again?