Comment 16 for bug 1726160

I have Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop and had the same problem. After reboot (when there was login screen), screen was flickering and endless changing rotation randomly. I managed to stop this by enabling external screen (inserted miniHDMI-to-VGA cable into laptop).

However when I removed miniHDMI-to-VGA cable, flickering immediately begins and laptop was not possible to use.

So I went to Settings - Devices - Screens, and found out I can change default rotation of external screen, but cannot change default rotation of laptop's screen!

Then I found "orientation lock" icon in system tray and screen stopped rotating and flickering randomly. However, this was working only when I has been logged in my account. Login screen was still rotating and flickering randomly!

Fortunately, I was able to lock orientation in login screen also, and now it works fine. Well, I must admit it did not just start to work when I clicked "orientation lock" icon on login screen and as a loggined user, I need to restart laptop SEVERAL TIMES.

However, I have a couple of questions.

First, why there is no option to disable screen rotation completely.

Second, why there is no option to set default screen rotation for internal screen?

Third, does Ubuntu have a group of special UX people who are wondering all day how to f**k their users??? I mean, this bug is a total blocker! And a complete shame. When you are introducing new features - please do it slow and with possibility to disable them.