Comment 20 for bug 1447715

Dan Streetman (ddstreet) wrote :

update for this:

this patch is already included upstream in debian, and is already included in yakkety. It's not yet in xenial. It's not required in trusty (bug doesn't exist there).

additionally, bug 1633479 (which fixes this by putting the DAD wait in isc-dhcp-client) is in proposed for p/t/x/y. The root problem can be fixed in either place (ifupdown via this bug, or isc-dhcp-client via that bug), and doesn't need to be fixed in both.

So SRUing this to xenial will match the code that's upstream, and will fix the bug for systems that don't have an updated isc-dhcp-client (though I don't know why anyone would update ifupdown but not isc-dhcp-client). But, once bug 1633479 is moved from proposed to released in xenial, this SRU isn't technically necessary, other than to keep code/behavior similar between xenial and y+ ifupdown.