Comment 48 for bug 1301015

Robert Taylor (rgtaylor) wrote :

I would like to "officially" request escalation of this issue up to next level of Ubuntu support - it is currently listed as "confirmed", "high" and "unassigned". Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is very soon EOL, and this functional requirement is currently removed from the current LTS version with no migration path in place.

It has been flagged as a "hot" item for over a year and seems to be being ignored by Ubuntu development staff for what seems to be ideological reasons.

/etc/init.d/networking has been an essential method for anyone doing large scale headless server deployments to generically handle scripted network management of physical and virtual servers. In these environments, individual hosts could have completely different network interfaces on every individual machine. "Anyone", in this case also includes the authors of officially deployed deb application packages delivered with Ubuntu 14.04 that currently don't work...

This bug breaks cloud deployments of Ubuntu in Opennebula as delivered natively in deb's with Ubuntu 14.04. The network contextualization scripts delivered in opennebula-context_4.2.0-2_all.deb use "service networking" to dynamically assign virtual machines IP addresses on the fly at boot time. Without a fix, no Ubuntu 14.04 VM's running in an Opennebula Cloud can get an IP addresses - this has been the case since the OS version was released.

How many other network related applications are impacted by this change that were never tested for removal of this functionality?

As an organization that is focused on supporting virtualization and "cloud" server infrastructure (as opposed to only GUI desktops and phones), I would have expected development staff to have a better understanding of the impact of this type of issue and would have given it more attention than it has - or at least develop alternate functionality that meets the same functional requirements.

#last lines of /etc/one-context.d/00-network as delivered in Ubuntu 14.04 opennebula-context_4.2.0-2_all.deb
# ifup/down eth0 won't work - the virtual machine can have any number of dynamically assigned
# interfaces at boot time
    gen_network_configuration > /etc/network/interfaces

    service networking stop
    sleep 1
    service networking start

    sleep 2