Comment 35 for bug 1301015

Galindro (bruno-galindro) wrote :

This script must be fixed. For many years I've used it to restart network interfaces. Other distros have similar aproach too. Think in many scripts that was developed by system admins based on this functionality? IMHO, this is a very iimportant component that can't be excluded or ignored of a sudden. There is no reason to do that.

Before put this anwser, I've read the entire post and I've not see any plausible justification to disable the network script.

I know that some decisions must be unilateral for the benefit of all. But, this kind of decision, has a big impact and must be decided democratically with the entire community and needs to be grounded in a solid and concise justification.

This is my point of view and I believe, based on what I've read, is the same feeling of the majority.

Please, fix this.