Comment 30 for bug 1301015

Vlad K. (vkh) wrote :

Turns out this was not the cause of failing network start after hibernation resume (see comment #26).

One additional problem is that, unless something radically happens to change the upstream, sooner or later the proper way to restart network will be to issue a `systemctl` command, because systemd.

So if now Ubuntu is abandoning the init script (controllable with the `service` command) in favor of ifup & ifdown, it is bound to break that again in the upcoming releases in favor of `systemctl`, unless as I mention the upstream changes mind or Ubuntu decides to stick with Upstart after all. Both seem highly unlikely at this point.

As for comments about breaking the connection with ifdown & ifup ... I don't get it, the init script does exactly that. So, what is broken, then?