Comment 7 for bug 1061639

For me this is NOT FIXED. I did a clean install twice yesterday (October 16th) with the daily images of quantal (amd64).

1.) Clean install onto a flash drive. 2.) Clean install onto SATA HDD. Both with the ext4 filesystem.

Both *never* shutdown cleanly. This really is problematic and makes the filesystem inconsistent over time. At least there is a very high risk. After a few re-boots I set tune2fs -c 1 /dev/sdX, to make sure that fsck is forced to check every time, to avoid inconsistencies. And every reboot or shutdown and boot fsck founds errors. The error messages "/ is busy" are described here:

I added some sync; sync; sync; and sleep 3 to /etc/init.d/unmountfs, and some killall dnsmasq, etc. – it makes no differences. It hangs in the end again on "/ device is busy", powers off, ==> unclean filesystem at boot.

So far I lost one (testing) filesystem completely, which has become totally inconsistent (on a new 400GB SATA HDD). My parallel installations of 10.04 and 11.04 never had this behaviour.

If I unmount and boot the Live-CD/USB with these installer images and doing an fsck on my fresh install filesystem on the hard drive, then fsck also finds errors. Mostly something like "delated inodes has zero dtime. FIXED."

PS: Also I tried to let the installer format my filesystem, and doing the creating manually before the installer and just selecting it for "/", not formatting. Makes no difference.

Hm, this really drives me crazy.

PS: I dropped precise because of this issue. Still remaining in quantal. Good luck with fixing!