Comment 12 for bug 1061639

Err, hello? This is not fixed. I did an installation twice after relase day. I have no problem with it, I did "sudo apt-get remove --purge dnsmasq-base resolvconf wpasupplicant isc-dhcp-client isc-dhcp-common libnm-glib-vpn1 libnm-glib4 libnm-gtk-common libnm-gtk0 libnm-util2 network-manager network-manager-gnome ubuntu-minimal ntp plymouth-label plymouth-theme-lubuntu-logo plymouth-theme-lubuntu-text plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text mobile-broadband-provider-info blueman bluez lubuntu-core lubuntu-desktop modemmanager obex-data-server ppp pppconfig pppoeconf rfkill wvdial mlocate"

After that, it worked.

Dear folks, this is a MAJOR bug. I think it is the dbus-script. And I guess it only happens with PCs/Installations with *wired* connections. Can this be possible? I have can reproduce this error 100/100.

Because data loss is in the possible range for normal user, let me put it that way, that is why I'm quite "emotional" about this bug. Not because I would be angry (it works for me), but because it is very very bad for Ubuntu's reputation.

I use Ubuntu since 2005. I'm (quite) an advanced user, no professional though. BUT I never had an issue like this. Never. It is for reproductable with different machines. Unclean shutdowns *always*. And still going. No SRU so far. Sorry, I can't understand this.

PS: Hint #1: Dbus. Hint #2: Mabye this only happens on machines with wired connections? (I have forcedeth, working flawlessly though.)