Comment 2 for bug 385066

Charlie_Smotherman (cjsmo) wrote :

I checked the debian 0.3-2.orig.tar.gz and 0.3-2.diff.gz for the src/main.c fix and found that it is not present. AFAIK the patch in LP #339044 was never sent to the debian maintainer.

The src/main.c fix was introduced in the 0.3-1ubuntu3 upload as a direct edit of the source (LP: #339044). For me to reflect this change in the 0.3-2ubuntu1 merge I had to introduce a patch system. The scr/main.c change is now represented in the 0.3-2ubuntu1.diff.gz.

Attaching icon-slicer_1ubuntu3_2ubuntu1_diff which shows the differences between 0.3-1ubuntu1 and 0.3-2ubuntu1
Attaching icon-slicer_0.3-2_2ubuntu1_diff which shows the differences between 0.3-2 and 0.3-2ubuntu1.