Comment 48 for bug 1284635

This bug has suddenly become a lot more serious. It appears that it now affects machines that have applied a standard Linux software update.

I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 (the current standard). I use a UK keyboard layout. I applied an upgrade and rebooted, and the "@" key and the doublequote key were swapped. Uninstalling ibus and rebooting fixed the problem.

If I understand the issue, it affects anybody with a non-US keyboard, and different characters will be swapped depending on what keyboard layout they use.

The problem is that if the user's password contains one of the swapped characters, they will not be able to log in after upgrading and rebooting. They logged in successfully last time, so they will simply see a single box on the screen requesting their password. What they type will not be displayed, obviously. They type their password and the system will reject it. Until they know what the problem is, and which characters get swapped on their keyboard, they can't log in to fix the problem.

This could affect several million Linux users around the world and render their machines useless.