Comment 46 for bug 1284635

Coeur Noir (gerald-maruccia-e) wrote :

On a fresh Lubuntu 14.04 install'

Fr_fr is my locale(s)

I aim to use Français(variante) keyboard.

I did choose these during installation from mini.iso with online updates.

It works as expected most of the time.

But sometimes on the login-greeter screen although FR is mentioned on the right of the panel it seems I have a US keyboard running - my password containing "@" and ":" and "numbers" I'm then lost !

Some other times it's in the expected french variant keyboard, but once logged into the desktop, it's then US keyboard…

Some other times it all looks as expected but when I try to use remote-desktop (reminna/vino or -sorry- TeamViewer) to reach that Lubuntu computer, I have no num-keypad and once again the keyboard looks US (can't find the @ and €)

And some other times everything work fine !

My "clients" pc for remote desktop are Ubuntu-Unity, with Français(variante) keyboards.