Comment 44 for bug 1284635

Andrew Morris (zaglabod) wrote :

I may be a tad late in posting this, having only just found this bug report (25-Sep-14), but I fixed this situation in Lubuntu 14.04 on a first install just after it was released.
Go to:
Preferences>Keyboard Input Methods>Advanced
and under "Keyboard Layout" tick the "Use system keyboard layout" box. Then log out and back in.
"Keyboard Input Methods" menus are actually titled "IBus Preferences", so presumably are designed to control IBus.
What you will now see on the Task Bar is the code ID for your chosen system keyboard plus an adjacent small keyboard symbol which is the selector for the default US keyboard layout. There is a tab in the KIM for "Input Method" and from the wording at the bottom of the screen I presume that other keyboard layouts can be specified in this menu, which will then appear in the Task Bar selector (don't quote me, I haven't tried anything in this yet).