Comment 32 for bug 1284635

rairlie (richwrd) wrote :

I experienced this problem on a new install of Ubuntu 14.04. I selected UK locale settings during installation, and the keyboard worked fine with the GB layout. Some time later after rebooting the keyboard was stuck on the US keymap, even though the menu bar showed "English (UK)" as selected.

My girlfriend experienced the same problem on her machine after upgrading from 13.10 to 14.04.

In case it's related, both machines use gnome shell as the desktop environment. The problem occurs when logging into either gnome shell or unity.

## Work around steps

1) Open a terminal and run: ibus-setup
2) Go to "Input Method" tab, click "Customise active input methods", remove the "English (US)" entry and add your keyboard - e.g. in my case "English (UK, extended WinKeys)".
3) Reboot

This retains the keyboard mapping so long as you leave it be... If you mess with the keyboard GUIs then "English (US)" comes back and becomes the default again.

As others have mentioned, running setxkbmap gb also works.