Comment 24 for bug 1284635

Upgrading from 13.10 to 14.04 reset my formerly Finnish keyboard layout (supposedly into US, based on the comments above — the ö key threw apostrophes and the ä key semicolons). To restore it, I

1) opened up "Input Method", a dialog window titled "Input Method Configuration (im-config, ver. 0.24-1ubuntu3)",
2) failed to understand what the long and technical message* was trying to say, and just clicked "OK",
3) bravely answered "Yes" to the next question although it was not the recommended option,
4) selected "none" in a menu where "ibus" was selected (and probably clicked "OK" or something to confirm it**),
5) logged out and then logged back in.

*"Explicit selection is not required to enable the automatic configuration if the active one is default/auto/cjkv/missing. Available input methods: ibus xim. Unless you really need them all, please make sure to install only one input method tool." Not very helpful advice to a regular user.

**I can't repeat the final step right now: the view where I changed "ibus" into "none" yesterday is broken today (a screenshot is attached).