Comment 19 for bug 1284635

I seem to have had 2 separate issues with the keyboard.

The first being the text console was using US Keyboard settings rather than UK. I think this may be related to console-setup not being able to be installed. I installed the Mar 16 2014 daily xubuntu snapshot into virtual box, and can confirm that console-setup was installed and keyboard appears to function as expected.

Second issue was incorrect keyboard settings in X11. Should be UK but appear to run as US. I seemed to find 2 seperate workarounds for this.

1) from terminal run
  sudo apt-get remove ibus
iBus appears to be some kind of new input device manager. I assume this is not yet configured to learn the installed language.

2) Configure iBus
Right click the iBus / Keyboard indicator in the notification area, and select preferences.
Click Input Method tab
Click customise active input methods
Click select an input method drop down, and choose English -> English (UK, extgended WinKeys)
Click Add
Close windows
Logout / Login or restart the ibus indicator

Hope this helps