Comment 14 for bug 1735160

Iain Lane (laney) wrote :

Uploaded protobuf to the Xenial SRU queue. I fixed some things from your diff:

  - Added (LP: #xxx) to the changelog so that it's linked to this bug
  - Added --with python3 in debian/rules. Without this we don't get the right python3 dependencies on the pkg.
  - Dropped the add-python3.patch file, as we `cp python python3' in rules.
  - Added python3-six build dependency (something else pulled this in already so this isn't that critical)

> At least for our usecase there is no need to backport this to Artful. Who
> should I ask?

Someone in the SRU team (~ubuntu-sru). The problem is that if you upgrade from Xenial to Zesty or (soon) Artful and we haven't SRUed the fixes then users could either become unfixed or in some cases (didn't check / don't remember for this bug) package versions might go backwards. I'm just not sure what the SRU policy on this is. (For backports the policy is that you have to backport to all of the intermediate releases too, for these reasons.)

> I tested snapcraft-login as in above question.

Great - I just think that should be in the SRU description too so that the actual uploads make sure Snapcraft still works.