Comment 26 for bug 364127

I would also be glad if this issue could be fixed.

On May 10, 2009 1:40 PM, "Yorirou" <email address hidden> wrote:

I can confirm this bug on my laptop (ThinkPad R500 [Intel video card

However I also noticed something: my mute button works as it should work
(just mute the speakers, and leaves the headphones).

I have an issue with the volume up/down keys and the stop/play/prev/next
keys: when I bind them in System->Preferences->Keyboard shortcuts, they
work. After I relogin to GNOME (or reboot), they stop working, despite
that the Keyboard shortcuts panel says that these keys are correctly

The last thing is with my ThinkVantage key (XF86VendorHome): I can bind
it, but it doesn't work as a hotkey (xev sees it).

I would be glad if you can fix this issue, this is the only bug what I
have found in Jaunty :)

-- Hotkeys for changing volume and muting broken with jaunty (on Thinkpad
R60, T40, T43, X41 and T...