Comment 7 for bug 1481737

Louis Bouchard (louis) wrote :

Peter, you will not be able to reproduce on Debian unless you test versions prior to Stable.

The reason why the stop script does not stop at all processes is because it relied on the --pidfile option and this one only kills the first PID. When nproc > 1, the PIDFILE contains all PIDs. This is why debian introduced the use of --pid in a loop for all haproxy PIDs.

Now, the --pid option that is introduced in dpkg version 1.17.6 as outlined in the man page of start-stop-daemon :

       [--pid] pid
              Check for a process with the specified pid (since version 1.17.6). The pid must be a number greater than 0.

This version is available in all Debian releases since Stable but only available in Ubuntu Wily. A fix for this situation is available for haproxy 1.5 which is in trusty-backport (see LP: #1494141). I will backport that fix for the stable release and ask for an SRU on this one.