Comment 69 for bug 595265

Ken VanDine (ken-vandine) wrote :

This fix isn't a silver bullet, people will gradually see the failures reduce as more people upgrade. It is important that we get as many people as possible to get this update ASAP.

The root problem is that all Gwibber users as a whole (not per user) is being throttled by facebook because of the amount of data being pulled down by all Gwibber users and the number of queries. So all the reports of workarounds that work is really just coincidence. It is hit and miss, they don't reject all requests... just most of them.

2.30.1 and 2.31.2 greatly reduces the amount of data that gets downloaded from facebook and cuts down the number of queries to facebook down by 1/3 for each refresh. We now don't download any duplicate data, only data that we have not fetched before. For my account a single refresh with no new data went from 290K download to 6 bytes.

I think this will fix bug 552227, bug 595265, and probably quite a few others.