Comment 37 for bug 595265

Rex (tysoncsmith) wrote :

for me the idea of using your username seemed to work.
here's what i did and it worked.
I tried most of the suggestions listed here but with no effect.
While still having the gwibber windows and the account window open, i clicked the link
this then opened up the webpage and told me i already had a username (which i did ages ago)
then went back to the gwibber accounts clicked add, selected facebook.
It came up saying "facebook already autherised" (which i had done many times) and the "add" button was directly under this. Now working no problems... so far.
so not sure if having chromium, gwibber & accounts windows open and clicking the link helped. i feel it was just fluke that this worked. i hope others may have some luck.
FYi: i'm using an Asus eee pc 900a running ubuntu 10.04 desktop and gwibber i use chromium as web browser.