Comment 11 for bug 595265

I do not know if this might help but what I did on my 64-bit Lucid Desktop is I maximized window (if it isn't possible to maximize it, just resize it) after a successful authorization. The "Add" or "Save" button (before it was "Save" now it is "Add") showed up way, way, way, down. Since the Add-Accounts window doesn't offer a "scroll-down" feature, we can not see the "Add" / "Save" button after a successful authorization of Facebook.

However, this is a high priority (in my opinion) bug for non-desktop users. I can not add/save Facebook on my Aspire One netbook. I am using UNR which doesn't allow resizing vertically beyond your screen (but allows horizontally).

Since the "Add" / "Save" button is way, way, way, down, UNR on real netbooks will never be able to add Facebook unless the user finds a way to force UNR to allow resizing vertically beyond the screen. Problem is, even you got hit by the "Facebook is not updating" bug, you really have to re-add your Facebook for it to work again - at least that's how I solved my Desktop "Facebook is not updating" issue. But again on my netbook, I can not do that as stated above.