Comment 29 for bug 554005

dobey (dobey) wrote :

Aaron, perhaps you should actually try the newer releases before making such unfounded statements of negativity that do nothing to help either Gwibber, or Ubuntu.

Launchpad announcements is hardly a metric for how well something is maintained. Simply because the previous maintainer left a lot of fruit hanging, also doesn't mean much. It would be nice for the blog to be updated, sure. But again, hardly a reasonable metric for what the code is like. Also, Gwibber is not a Twitter client, nor I think does it integrate with Telepathy. It is on the other hand, meant to provide an integrated platform into Ubuntu, for integrating with many services like Twitter. Also, the performance is much better in the version which ships in Ubuntu 12.04.

So please don't go posting OT rants in bug comments. They are considered spam and likely will be asked to be removed in the future.