Comment 34 for bug 209520

I've noticed a couple of other things...

As said earlier- you can mount a share if you use "Places => Connect to server" and then use an actual share name. There is no way to browse shares through Nautilus. This is a real pain if you have a large network with lots of servers and shares.

After successfully authenticating, you get an error dialog:

Can't display location "smb://servername/sharename/"
The specified location is not mounted.

However- the location is in-fact mounted, and shows up in the Places menu afterwards. It also creates a desktop shortcut.

Another odd thing. If I click on the share in Places- it opens up in Nautilus, but it also creates ANOTHER entry in Places and on my desktop. So- for every share I mount and access- I get two entries in Places and two desktop shortcuts. I can unmount one of them to get rid of the clutter, but it is just really odd.