Comment 33 for bug 209520

I had Gutsy, did and in place upgrade to Hardy and the problems started, I was unable to mount SMB shares from either trues Windows or Samba presented shares from a Gusty server.

If I simply enter a SMB server that is presenting shares, ie try to get a list of available shares, I get the error messges.

The only options I found worked were similar to the poster above.

Ensure you enter the correct servername/IP.
Ensure you enter the SMB share name.
Ensure you enter a username ( my internal network has no passwords for SMB shares, just usernames ).

It the comes up with the keyring dialogs and then presents the failure to mount shares on server X error dialog, but then brings up a nautilus window with the folders that are on the share! All seems very "up-in-the-air", but it usable the only niggle is you have to know the name of the shares, which means keeping a list to hand or going around back on SSH connection and listing the smb.conf.