Comment 26 for bug 209520

- when you share an user directory, did you use smbpasswd to set a password for the corresponding user?
I have a setup with LDAP, but same thing really. security = user. restrict anonymous = 1, share only visible and accessible for authenticated users.
- can you access to the '/' directory on the server?
If you mean smb://server/ then no, but that's the browsing issue.
- do you use a directory which has different rights for anonymous and authentificated users?
Yes. Not visible for anonymous (like homes) and also not able to connect to as anonymous user.
- can you browse the share using an another os or ubuntu version?
Yes, ubuntu < hardy, windows
- what server do you try to use?
- does smbclient on hardy succeed to connect?

See my comments about what fails and works with gvfs, as opposed to gnomevfs