Comment 2 for bug 209520

I can confirm this problem on hardy.

It may be caused by me not getting a username/password dialog when connecting to smb://server. When not using kerberos I see no shares (could be because I only allow users to view shares *after* authentication) and samba server-side has "restrict anonymous" set to "1". Which means that listing the shares requires a logon.

I can only view the shares if I create a kerberos ticket. After that I can see the shares, but when I click on one, I get the above mentioned error.

With kerberos:
gnomevfs-ls smb://server works.
After that gnomevfs-ls smb://server/share also works.

without kerberos:
gnome-vfs-ls smb://server asks for username and password
After that gnome-vfs-ls smb://server/share also works.

It would appear that nautilus smb support is broken in hardy somehow, at least for authenticated smb support.

Note that this used to work in feisty and gutsy.