Comment 12 for bug 209520

I wanted to chime in since I opened a similar bug that apparently got deleted as a dupe...

For me, the situation is this:

Prior to Hardy, I could browse my corporate Active Directory SMB shares using Nautilus. I was prompted for my login and password if I hadn't previously accessed a share, saved it to my keyring, and from that point on had no problem accessing any share I needed to (and had permissions for). I could simply browse any server similar to "Network Neighborhood" in Windoze.

After upgrading to Hardy, that is no longer the case. I can see the servers, but as soon as I try to open one- I get an empty container and my AD account gets locked out. Apparently Nautilus is trying to access the shares with a bad or no password. It does still seem to be using my login name (since I'm getting locked out of the AD network). If it matters- my Ubuntu login password is different from my AD login.

Note too: While the problem with Microsoft AD is the biggest one I see, I have the same problem on my small home network that uses SMB on a LInux server. I can no longer browse shares on it either.

I CAN manually mount an SMB share, although sometimes I get an error:
Can't display location "smb://windowsserver/"
No application is registered as handling this file.

It is necessary on a manual mount to actually specify the share name. I can't just mount a server to have easy access to all shares on it, like I used to in Gutsy (and Feisty, and I believe Edgy).

Even with the error- the share shows up on my desktop (and in Places) and I can access it for a time. It seems to timeout after about a half-hour of inactivity though, and then I have to manually mount it again (something else that wasn't happening before). For example- if I open a spreadsheet on a share, and spend a half hour or so editing it, when I try to save it- I have to enter my username and password again.

I think the problem is Nautilus or gvfs doesn't seem to be prompting for user credentials if it cannot access a share like it used to. It also doesn't seem to be caching them very well anymore when it does (through a manual mount). I tried deleting my gnome keyring, so it shouldn't be using a saved password anymore (and even if it was- it should be working since I haven't changed it).

I don't know if any of this helps, but that's my experience. I'll gladly provide any information I can if it helps get this fixed. This is a big deal for anyone using or trying to use Ubuntu in a corporate environment, most of which run Microsoft AD.