Comment 42 for bug 949414

Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) wrote :

I confirm this patch fixes this bug (at least for Benjamin Otte (Redhat) and me :) ).

If you want to test this patch, a version of this gtk+3-0 package is currently being built on my ppa:matttbe/ppa

I've registered a merge proposal: (in order to merge this branch lp:~matttbe/gtk/949414 with lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gtk/ubuntugtk3 but I don't know where I've to push this branch because it seems lp:ubuntu/gtk+3.0 is not up to date :-/ )

This is why I also propose a debdiff to quickly upload this bug (@Ubuntu devs: I hope it's easier for you ; I don't want to give you more work ;) )