Comment 2 for bug 825173

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

interesting discussion on the topic:

"<cosimoc> Company, I seem to have found a weird size request bug between GtkLabel and GtkTable
<cosimoc> Company, apparently if wrap is set on the label, GtkTable always uses its minimum size or something
<Company> so GtkTable doesn't do width-for-height?
<Company> that's a symptom of using gtk_widget_get_preferred_size() on a label
<cosimoc> avoiding setting wrap "fixes" that
<Company> i suppose nobody ever fixed GtkTable
<Company> quickfix: use GtkGrid instead
<cosimoc> I was hoping for quickfix: Company knows the problem and fixes GtkTable! :P
<Company> indeed, GtkTable fucks everything up
<Company> it uses get_preferred_size exclusively
<Company> which mins it uses min-width x min-height-for-min-width
<Company> which for wrapping labels is one word per line
<Company> i'm not gonna fix it in any way apart from deprecating GtkTable
<Company> mclasen_: opinion on deprecating GtkTable for 3.2?
<mclasen_> the fix for gtktable is gtkgrid, as far as I'm concerned"