Comment 8 for bug 269687

David Nice (davidjnice) wrote :

To summarise this long standing bug; users cannot adjust the page settings using the 'page set-up' tab in the print dialogue. (Apparently of applications using gtk print.) To recreate the bug, go to the page set-up tab in the print dialogue of any of the following programs:
Eye of Gnome Image Viewer
... (and apparently GNU Cash) you get the idea. uses its own print dialogue and is not affected. You can compare the OOo to any of the above applications to see the issue.

The options can be adjusted directly from the page set-up menu, but many users look to the page set-up tab in the print dialogue.

I can see that this bug has been running as a low priority for some time now. Surely it's now time to get this fixed or just remove the tab so that it can't confuse users any longer?

Thanks to all for the great work.