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Bug #1884682: gtk_range_expose can set height/width < -1 when trough-under-steppers is enabled Undecided New 69 weeks

From: Ceriand
Link: range-clamp.patch

Clamp height and width to at least -1

Bug #479810: GTK+ / WACOM / XINERAMA: Incorrect offset makes Wacom unusable Low Triaged 438 weeks

From: jonim8or
Link: xinerama-wacom-patch.txt

Patch similar to the other one, but then for gtk+2.0-2.24.10

Bug #945135: 043_ubuntu_menu_proxy.patch does not build Undecided Confirmed 502 weeks

From: Andrew Gunnerson
Link: fix-ubuntumenuproxy-build.patch


Bug #705112: the menubar with appmenu-gtk is 1px tall Low Triaged 553 weeks

From: Santtu Lakkala
Link: 043_ubuntu_menu_proxy.patch

Re-re-try of the fixed patch using map/unmap

Bug #715224: emit "child-visible", "child-not-visible" signals when a GtkWidget is/isn't visible Wishlist Confirmed 558 weeks

From: Andrea Cimitan
Link: gtk+_emit-child-visible-signals.diff

this patch contains doc integration as well

Bug #651678: crashes with assertion failure on startup Low Triaged 567 weeks

From: Jon A. Cruz
Link: copy_renamed_icons.patch

Workaround for renamed file and directory icons.

Bug #657357: GTK Printing Dialog: Duplex printing on HP inkjets does not work High Confirmed 574 weeks

From: Till Kamppeter
Link: system-config-printer_1.2.3+20100723-0ubuntu8_1.2.3+20100723-0ubuntu8.1.debdiff

SRU for system-config-printer to prioritize hpijs against hpcups

Bug #83142: crash on XSetIMValues() call when using xim and esperanto locale Medium Incomplete 589 weeks

From: Dominique Pellé
Link: fix-for-eo-locale.patch

patch to fix esperanto locale bug

Bug #422511: problem with new scrollbar in Human theme - GtkRange::trough-border set to 2 Low Triaged 618 weeks

From: Nikola Kovacs
Link: gtkrc.patch


Bug #107025: Multipage printing issue using even and odd. Low Triaged 648 weeks

From: Bartek
Link: sheetsnotpages.patch

patch against evince 2.26.1-0ubuntu1 to use sheets not pages

Bug #269687: Page Size greyed out in gtkprint applications. Low Incomplete 683 weeks

From: Michael Casadevall
Link: gnucash.debdiff


Bug #84306: Crash on closing active tabs Medium Triaged 729 weeks

From: Luca Falavigna
Link: check_pointers.patch


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