Comment 23 for bug 761830

@Aaron Anderson
Daniel Richard G. was saying that you should use the green "This bug affects..." link near the top of this bug page to indicate that the bug affects you. (Being subscribed to a bug can reasonably be taken as an indication of interest in it, but it doesn't indicate that you're actually affected by it; similarly, while it's generally a good idea to be subscribed to bugs affecting you, you can indicate that a bug affects you without being subscribed to it.)

You've raised a good point about how my original report was done with a beta install CD. Now that Natty has been out for a while, I should really try installing with the final (stable release) CD's and report on whether or not something has changed (on the VMware machine on which I'm testing this -- obviously, from the several corroborators, we know this bug still exists). I'll try to get around to that today.