Comment 16 for bug 703009

Gregg (gregg-suaning) wrote :

Happens to me too (can't even get back to Windows)...and this was reported when in beta!?
Perhaps we can contribute to fixing by stating what hardware/config we have. I have a VAIO VPCZ1 with RAID0 solid state hard disks. This required some very complex installation steps before 11.04 so I ran Ubuntu 10.10 as a virtual machine under Win 7 - perhaps this is the same issue? Did everyone above also have this hardware or the install issue for 10.10? The install I've tried was ext4 with ~20GB /, 100GB for /home, and the ntfs Windows disk (not the recovery) as /windows. The fdisk setup looked very different to what I've seen before /dev/m<something> instead of the traditional /dev/sda, etc. If anyone has a work around (even to get me back to Windows) I'd be grateful. Can't do much as-is with the USB startup disk.