Comment 40 for bug 576724

Takkat (takkat-nebuk) wrote :

@Erick: Sorry if my point has been misinterpreted. Of course I did not overlook your constructive and very precious ideas in the initial post. I should have written 'further' ideas instead of 'any', sorry for that. However from then on the postings basically come down to me toos and complaints with only minor discussions on the solutions you suggested.

Still IMHO, your idea #2 is sure not the best but the the easiest and safest way for a quick solution. Maybe not even the amount of text needs to increased. What about: "It is recommeded to install Grub2 to the MBR (e.g. /sda) of the disk where Ubuntu resides. Installing Grub to partitons (e.g. /sda1) is usually not a good idea as it may lead to problems booting other operating systems in a multi-boot environment"

@Nicolò: Sure, your suggestion is exactly what we expect how it should be handled. However, I'm not shure how fast this could be implemented as it needs changes to the code with further testing needed.