Comment 42 for bug 527401

Sergei Vorobyov (svorobyov) wrote :

The partman in the server installer from the daily distribution 20100419.1 is even more erroneous.

I decided to simplify matters by installing a small extra IDE/ATA disk for the system
keeping the 3 x 2TB SATA disks for manual configuration (as soon as partman is raid
ignorant and buggy).

The installer correctly identified the disks as

sda 2TB
sdb 2TB
sdc 2TB
sdd 160GB

I created /root, swap, and /home on sdd, leaving 3x2TB disks unformatted.
Then during the final stage it reported "installing grub on MBR of sda" (leaving me no
options; why? I have not even touched sda)

Not surprisingly, the server cannot boot...
And I have not yet started testing what I wanted.