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peter b (b1pete) wrote :

@ Colin Watson,

- yes, it should have been a new thread/topic re general matters on upcoming karmic with grub2 default. sorry, for that. I just wanted to make known my experience with karmic alpha vis-a-vis past releases with grub legacy.

- it was my first contact with karmic and fully cognizant that it is in alpha stages (I never upgrade past releases, always fresh installs).

- pls understand the situation after the install completed - no problems whatsoever during install and total boot failure at the first boot with karmic - panic as usual, scouring for bkups etc. only a floppy bkup saved my hide; restoring part images did not work. I remember that after trying to restore the images with no success I entered BIOS and restored its defaults and only then I managed to restore/boot grub off floppy and boot into intrepid, then do away with karmic partitions and copy off floppy files into intrepid and edit jaunty grub files.

- anyhow, the situation is under control - the system is fully recovered and in good stable state as was before. just for your info what I noticed - it appears that grub2 is v intrusive, apparently it does something to the pc BIOS (not sure exactly what yet); secondly, I probably should start using dd to get part images created and rstored instead of using terabyte's BING that I used for years and never let me down. thirdly, I hope that w grub2 there'll be a chance to get grub fitted on a floppy (the old but elegant and inexpensive way of creating bkup boot media).

- 'We need to maintain backward compatibility.' and 'We won't be upgrading anyone automatically to GRUB 2 in Karmic' - great news and thanks for this.

- if I may, probably chainloading grub into grub2 by default would be the easiest and the only interference with existing working grub legacy.

- is there pls an ubuntu web page with all grub2 commands yet?

tu and cheerios,
peter b