Comment 16 for bug 1867092

Paul (penright) wrote :

Just installed 20.04 my Macbook 2010. At first it booted ok. Then when logging on the screen would flash and go right back to the log on screen. I thought it had to do with chrome remote desk top. After some searching I landed on this thread. One of the post talked about following this and it worked. Basicly it just told about using alt, ctl, F3 to log in. Then it said to do a apt update/upgrade. After doing that it did fix my hanging on the gui log in screen, but that was when I stated seeing "MokListRT" error. Since I am not using secure boot, mine will continue loading all the way though. I was getting a crash report for chrome-remote-desktop. I remove it and still getting the error. Being new to Ubuntu 20.04 this may be normal, but everytime I log on I see a pop up for an application requesting access to the "default keyring". It does not tell me which application. I suspected it to be chrome, so I canceled the popup, then went into chrome, and it did pop back up. So I assume that chrome is requesting the access.

I hope this detail help narrow down more than it confuses. Any logs that I can help with let me know.