Comment 23 for bug 1848892

I've already submitted a possible fix upstream for this issue (well, at least something that will stop this breaking, and give us more information to debug and fix it more permanently):

There isn't concensus there just yet, but I will prepare the SRU for this today, and I think this is a good candidate for releasing quicker than the usual 7 day waiting period in the -proposed repository.

This means I'll still need help from people to give us debug information once the patched version of GRUB is available so we can better understand what was going wrong exactly.

In the meantime, the best solution is to:

- Get to the GRUB menu
- Highlight the boot entry you wanted to run and hit E (for edit)
- At the top of the entry, add "rmmod tpm"
- Hit Ctrl-X or F10 to run the edited entry.